Now-a-days the consumer finds himself as a victim of many unfair and unethical tactics adopted in the market place. The consumer is trapped in industrialization competition, while all the development in industries is only for a consumer. The untrained consumer is no match for the businessmen marketing goods and services on an organized basis and by trained professionals. A consumer is very often cheated in the quality, quantity and price of goods or services.

‘Consumer Protection Litigation’ can be done by anyone and everyone having a sound knowledge of the issues. The consumer protection law protects the consumers from various problems including the defects in goods and commodities and deficiency in services. One of the legislative intents of the introduction of this law was to keep the lawyers away and not to overburden the courts because of petty issues. The consumer protection regimes enable the victims of consumer frauds and other problems to get speedy justice from the consumer forums established at various places. The course teaches various ways to enforce the consumer rights including the drafting of legal notices and applications to consumer forums.

The businesses are also required to comply with this law to avoid legal challenges and hefty amount of legal fees and fines. Various organisations have internal team of lawyers which makes sure that it refrains from violating rights of consumers and also deal with exisiting consumer complaints and notices.


Every year 10 million cases are registered in the different forums all over the country and these forums dispose around only 30% of such cases each year. This course is important for all those who do not want to get into the hardcore practice of law in courts but wants to impart their advocacy skills for the rights of common people. This course is also important for non-lawyers who wish to learn about their rights and gain access to justice in the area of law.

After completing this course the learner can work as consumer activist in the industrial sector, with NGOs and government departments on consumer affairs. A learner will also be eligible to work in Law Firms and  Inhouse legal teams of companies dealing with issues relating to Consumer Protection Laws.


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Course Duration: 01 Year

Mode of Study: Online

Number of Modules: Eight

Mode of Assessment: Online Test

Type of Questions: Objective/ Multiple Choice

Duration of Test: 1 Hour

Passing Criteria: Score 50% Marks

Course Certificate: Online/PDF

High achieving students in this course will be recognised as Certified Honors Student. The honours badge will be issued to students scoring more than 80 percent in the online test.


Course Curriculum

Section I
Nature & Evolution of Consumer Laws 00:00:00
Important Concepts of Consumer Protection 00:00:00
Understanding Who is a ‘Consumer’? 00:00:00
Laws relating to ‘Unfair Trade Practices’ 00:00:00
Laws Governing Defects in Goods & Commodities and Deficiency in Services 00:00:00
Enforcement of Consumer Rights 00:00:00
How to Become a Smart Consumer? 00:00:00
Consumer Protection Bill 2018 00:00:00
Drafting of Legal Documents in Consumer Protection Cases 00:00:00
Section II
Consumer Protection Litigation Course Completion Test 01:00:00