India of My Dreams “Justice and Equality for All” by Prateek Upreti

C S Lewis once said “ Justice means equality for equals, and inequality for unequals “. The foundation of any democracy can be laid in these words. Every constitution in the world ultimately converges towards providing freedom, justice and equality to it’s every citizen. My dream for India is not about having mighty economy or powerful military, it’s about establishing a basic democracy and granting fundamental rights to every citizen of India irrespective of their status, caste and color. India of my dream will live up the words of a man who understand the value of justice and equality, Abraham Lincoln, who define a perfect democracy as “Governmentof thepeople, by the people, for the people “.

Today, India is characterized by communal riots, religious violence, terrorist attacks, dirty politics, constant economic disturbance, disruptive corruption, etc. The great India whose foundation was laid by teaching of Lord Buddha, intelligence of Shankaracharya, principles of Swam Vivekananda, and ideology of Mahatma Gandhi is now on the verge of collapse, unless of course, we put an end to parasites that are eating every fiber of our nation. I dream of a India where doctors don’t destroy health for the benefit of big pharmaceutical company but nourish it for the goods of common public, a country where religion is based on moral principles and not on church and temples, I believe in India where banks will establish economy and not eviscerate the for greedy businessman, a country where media don’t manipulate information but communicate it to every individual. Every nation is constructed on certain set of principles and as the country progress towards prosperity these principles might get overshadowed but their importance remain equally important. There is no reason to have the fastest growing economy in the world when millions of people don’t have enough to eat, mighty court don’t have any value if a common man fails to get justice against the powerful politicians, journalism has no value if it fails to tell both side of the story. India of my dreams should be rich with heritage and culture, it should excel in fine arts, architecture, dance, handicrafts, sculpture, drama, music, literature and poetry. It should put it’s vast knowledge in vedas to good use so that it can satisfy the human quest for further knowledge and work toward the betterment and welfare for all mankind. I want our nation to lead the 21st century with it’s head high not because of it’s mighty military and progressive economy but because of it’s strong moral principles. As we move ahead of all the other nations I want my nation to chant the words of Rabindranath Tagore: “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high, where knowledge is free, where the world is not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls”. [1]

I want to work towards constructing a country where morals principles are valued over wealth and greed. Our motherland should be a country where every common man gets his basic needs fulfilled. Students should be given jobs based on their knowledge and aptitude and not on recommendations or donations. Corruption should be abolished by severely punishing the guilty and rich should be taxed heavily to provide means to poor and needy people. Journalist should focus on discussing about foreign policies instead of celebrities. I dream about a nation where a young children don’t have to choose between working in a restaurant and completing his education, a nation where a pregnant women in far village manage to get a bed in hospital and don’t have to deliver baby on the floor. A women leading a political or holding a prestigious office is meaningless if another women fails to get proper education because of her gender. Capital punishment to terrorists is meaningless if justice system fails to put a sexual offender behind the bar and he is able to walk freely in the society. A permanent seat at United Nations Security Council is of no value if we fails to put the perpetrator of 26/11 and other terrorist attack to justice. We cannot be a military super power if we fails to protect our citizens from these cowardly attacks. We need to create a system where students study to get education and not just job and where people do job not only to earn money but to contribute to the nation’s progress. I want our nation to get permanent seat at security council and work towards constructing a peaceful world but before that I want Tri color to held high in a peaceful Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh. I believe there will be a time when we will fulfill our civil duties before we demand our civil rights. As a student of this nation I study on the money of hard working tax payers, all the funding for expensive projects and high tech laboratories came from their salary. Therefore it is my moral responsibility to make sure I spent that money towards constructing a better nation. I am under great debts of all those who work hard to fulfill my every need. I am ready to work hard to make sure IT revolution reach to every corner of India and every village will have internet connection but not before I make sure those villages are connected by roads that lead to school and hospitals. I am ready work toward creating a strong and stable economy to create numerous job opportunities but also to make sure that no farmer in my nation will commit suicide because it didn’t rain that season. I want to sit in public office not to just to run the system but to change it in a way that every citizen receive it’s benefits and not just big multi national corporations. I am ready to sacrifice my life to break the spirit of those who threaten my nation’s democracy but not before I break the boundary of caste, creed, and religion, and provide everyone with equal opportunities to live and work. I want to applaud to those who bring us the great victories in Olympics and cricket but not before I applaud those soldiers who put their life at risk while protecting our nation in freezing winds of Siachin to scorching heat of Thar desert. [2]

India has a rich and powerful cultural tradition, we have the largest reservoir of trained man power, with our immense natural resources and advance defense capabilities, we have the potential to be a major player in emerging global society. For this we need to bring changes right from the grass rout level, economic reforms are needed to put more emphasis on the indigenous development and less in bringing foreign investment into the country, the focus of foreign policy should be to push lower class people up to middle class. High efforts are needed to bring back black money back to the nation, we also need to make sure that more money is not channeled out of the nation into deep vaults of Swiss bank. Banking should be more converge toward online payment instead of cash. If online transactions become inevitable then the use of each rupee can be clearly monitored and tracked. This will break the shackles of corruption into pieces. As politicians are the policy makers, extra emphasis should be put on making sure only the right people reach the Parliament. Any politician having a criminal record or under corruption charges should not be allowed to participate in any form of elections. Elections are the soul of any democracy and therefore it is very important to make sure that election are based on public choice instead of money and power. In this world communication is a very powerful tool to spread mass awareness and we need to make sure that it remains independent without any political influence, therefore the media sector must be reconstruct in a way that all news channel must not maintain any financial relations with any political party so that they can report the news as it without having any conflict of interest. National security is a very important issue, we live in a very dangerous world filled with hostile nations and terrorists. Hence it is very important to secure our borders and take action against those who try to create chaos. We need to maintain good and defined relationship with our neighbor based on the foundation of trust and verification. Strong armed forces are needed to maintain peace by neutralize both foreign and domestic enemies. The biggest problem faced by India since independence is corruption, slow justice system and faulty investigation have provided a sense of security to those who try to break the law. It is very important to punish these people and therefore CBI must be created as independent agency answerable only to the President, as to make sure no politician interfere with it’s investigation. To make justice system fast and fair special fast track courts should be created for those facing corruption charges. Education is very powerful tool to bring about any change in the society, the prime goal of education system should be to provide students with as much information as possible and let them develop their own conclusion. Studying to get a job is a common practice, this is wrong, education system should be design in a way where students should study to learn and innovate and not simply to get a job. Education should not be just about following a particular interest, it should be making the next generation aware about the problem like population explosion, tax evasion, corruption etc. These are the major problem that our nation will be facing in the future. India of 21st century cannot move forward without developing a strong industrial sector, I want my fellow citizen to focus on the industrial development but also make sure that it doesn’t harm environment and control the carbon emission so that the next generation do get fresh air to breath. The next century will be dominated by technology, every aspect of our life will be someway affected by technology. Hence it is necessary to train young minds in creating future technologies so that they can lead nation to the next century. [3] [4]

I do not think that my vision of India is too idealistic or too unrealistic. We are a nation of diversity where people speak different languages, follow different religion, eat different food and wear different clothes, and therefore to maintain equality among such a diversity is extremely important and challenging. I believe that development of any nation should not be measure by the length of bridges and height of buildings but by the strength of it’s democracy, and maintaining equality is one of the major pillar on which foundation of any democracy is laid. My dream for India is about making it a global superpower while maintaining it’s moral and spiritual values. The road ahead is arduous but full of promises. Our prowess is not confined to any one field, we are blessed with abundant man­power, rich natural resources, and a riveting heritage. We should not forget that with great power comes the great responsibility and therefore all this power demands that it’s our job to insure a idealistic democracy. A democracy where no one needs to be afraid of other. A democracy where there is justice and equality for all.


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This essay is submitted as a part of the LearnBox Essay Competition, 2016. The theme of the competition was “India of My Dreams!” inspired by the book by Mahatma Gandhi.

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