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We live in a world where there is no escape from law in business. Whether it is between individuals or Multi National Companies or Governments, when there is an international transaction it is in default vulnerable to disputes. International Commercial Arbitration is one of the many possible procedures for the settlement of disputes with regard to global economic transactions. Arbitration is a process by which parties collectively submit a dispute to a non-governmental decision-maker, selected by or for the parties, to render a binding decision resolving a dispute in accordance with neutral, adjudicatory procedures affording each party an opportunity to present its case.


Understanding International Commercial Arbitration demands comprehending economic laws of various countries, international instruments and other commercial legislation. It also enables to analyse the tactics and techniques of the process of arbitration and using it in effectively solving disputes in business transactions.

Whether from a business or legal background, students pursuing this course will be able to fully appreciate the legal requirements in an arbitration process, various commercial and corporate laws, arbitration agreements, the role and conduct of arbitrators etc. It will also impart skills that have to be cultivated to become arbitrator, which is a very essential quality to hold while entering the legal fraternity


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Each course is like an interactive textbook, featuring recorded videos, quizzes, and projects.

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Course Duration: 01 Year

Mode of Study: Online

Number of Modules: Five

Mode of Assessment: Online Test

Type of Questions: Objective

Duration of Test: 1 Hour

Passing Criteria: Score 50% Marks

Course Certificate: Online/PDF

Certified Honours Student recognition will be given to high achieving students in the course. The honors badge will be issued to students scoring more than 80 percent in the online test.

Course Curriculum

Section I
An Overview of International Commercial Arbitration 02:00:00
Legal Framework of International Commercial Arbitration 00:00:00
Arbitration Agreements 00:00:00
Arbitral Proceedings 00:00:00
The Role and Standards of Conduct of Arbitrators 00:00:00
Awards and Remedies under International Commercial Arbitration 00:00:00
Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards 00:00:00
Appeal, Challenge and Modification of Awards 00:00:00
An Overview of International Commercial Arbitration Laws of India 00:00:00
A Comparative Overview of Domestic International Commercial Arbitration Laws of Various Countries 00:00:00
International Commercial Arbitration – Online Quiz 01:00:00