Legal Internship Opportunity at Spring Roots, Vijayawada

Spring Roots, a company founded exclusively for Startups who are willing to launch their products in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana State is looking to hire three (3) legal interns for their Vijayawada Office.

Job Description:

Law/Legal Intern’s day-to-day responsibilities include:

Performing research on legal topics and writing

Researching prior legislation and looking into precedents or doing fact-checking for a case

Keeping up with the reams of paperwork generated by law firms

Organizing the paperwork and helping attorneys arrange their documents and all of the information & evidence they will need to bring to the courtroom

Assisting in tracking the development of specific cases

Handling traditional clerical work such as answering phone calls, writing emails and filing

Directly helping attorneys with their projects in tasks ranging from following-up work on depositions to participating in client interviews or assisting attorneys in the courtroom

Staying available on a call for any tasks assigned to you whenever required by our team

To apply for this legal internship: Click Here

About the Company:

Spring Roots is a company founded exclusively for Startups who are willing to launch their products in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana State. Charan is the Founder of Spring Roots with the help of Swetha, Pramod, Manaswini and Charan expanded the team. The team members helped Spring Roots in the right time and place.

Few of our team mates who worked for Spring Roots are in their highs now with different business activities. Team SpringRoots is increasing day by day in the startup ecosystem. As a business incubator we prepared many entrepreneurs for their entrepreneurial journey across the globe.

Spring Roots is a company of talent and focus. We observe things with a telescopic view and we do things with utmost care and commitment. We have been working with many startups since our inception. Most of the startup eco system in the region is dull but the forecast is bright. We strive to help entrepreneurs more and more and we are in the process of building the first Unicorn from Amaravati.

Apart from helping entrepreneurs, Spring Roots promotes special category startups on its own. And Spring Roots welcomes entrepreneurs to join our Startups as Co Founders, Working Employees, Volunteers and as Interns.

28 January, 2020

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