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About Company

Flipkart is committed to transforming commerce in India through investments in made-in-India technology innovations, customer-centric constructs, a diverse category landscape and a world-class supply chain. With a customer base of over 350 million, product coverage of over 150 million across 80+ categories, a focus on generating direct and indirect employment and a commitment to empowering generations of entrepreneurs and MSMEs, all driven by a sustainable growth strategy – Flipkart is maximising for customers, stakeholders, and the planet at large!

Roles & Responsibilities

  • General Security Management
  • Individual is responsible of a cluster of hubs which falls under his AOR. (counts varies from 25 to 30 hubs or Warehouses / FC / MH / TC / PH / LM)
  • Manage security executives and security guards for smooth business operations
  • Uphold security standards as set forth by the company
  • Review current security practices and make recommendations to vertical heads for better implementation
  • Implement continuous improvement procedures as to suit business requirements
  • Conduct detailed advanced investigations on all issues including but not limited to Loss/theft cases only
  • Proactively identify and investigate potential and actual violations of safety standards and develop means to minimize risk / threats
  • Supervise SSE & Security agencies to protect company property and premises against internal & external threats
  • Assess security service providers continuously to ensure regular enhancement in security standards
  • Conduct security audits and inspections to reduce security risks and threat at sites
  • Ensure proper documentation in the department for audit purpose
  • Lead and supervise team of security executives & security supervisors / guards
  • Ensure that all security automation equipment are in working condition
  • Review FC security Operations, quality escalations, CS escalations, repeat OB, City logistics & BRSNR cases
  • Maintain and Document policies and procedures for Flipkart Warehouses and maintain security standards as per industry best practices.
  • Logistics Security Management
  • Managing Logistic security operations and improve service levels.
  • Conducting security audits for Flipkart Mother Hubs and implementing security measures.
  • Lead the cross functional Loss Prevention program to include policy, procedures, awareness, compliance, incident reporting and corrective actions plans.
  • Reducing losses by controlling shrink, preventing pilferage and damages to the inventory during operations in a vast Distribution and Logistics Supply chain
  • Conducting investigations and root cause analysis for various theft, pilferage & other frauds
  • Training and coordinating Logistics security activities through regional security team.
  • Physical Security
  • Manage the complete liaising with local law authorities and police hierarchy
  • Motivate and improve the result orientation of the complete team members
  • Assess the safety norms adhered at the sites and escalate the observations to vertical heads
  • Improve Fire Fighting standards at the site by conducting Fire Fighting Training
  • Assess and visualizing the forthcoming threat and inform the management for counter measures of the same
  • Critically analyse the security automation set up at the sites
  • Ascertain that the reporting and information sharing is up to date
  • Ensure the implementation, management, operation, and maintenance, of physical security measures and security systems
  • Define people, material and vehicle movement protocols
  • Ensure seamless management, control, and maintenance of physical access authorization procedures and access control protocol.
  • Initiate process deviation and security incident reports, establish escalation metrics and response structures.
  • Maintain security incident data, with periodic trend analysis implement corrective actions plans
  • Create appropriate MIS reports
  • Emergency Response & Crisis Management
  • Creation, updating, exercising and maintenance of Crisis Management organization and plans.
  • Plan and execute various tests & exercises
  • Follow Emergency Response and Crisis Management guidelines to handle security incidents and crises.
  • Liaise with state authorities, police, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and emergency services on a day-to-day basis, during mock exercises and real-life incidents and crisis situations.

Focus Areas

  • Exemplary written and verbal communication, including ability to write reports and returns on both routine and Adhoc basis.
  • Inter-personal collaboration skills to work with varied stakeholders across organizational levels.
  • Disciplinary approach towards security management
  • Ability to train and impart awareness to motivate the core security team as well as employees.
  • Unblemished track record and high levels of personal integrity.
  • Exemplary team motivator and genuine team player

Key Stakeholders

  • Zonal Security Manager (Solid Line Manager) or Regional Security Manager
  • Regional Business Operations Managers
  • HR, Facility, Safety, Logistics, Legal, Ethics & Compliance, Risk
  • Local & Regional Security team members
  • Local authorities & law enforcement agencies

Job Requirements

  • University degree level or equivalent through experience and professional certification.
  • Completion of professional security certification training e.g. PSP, TAPA or equivalent is desirable.
  • Minimum 3 to 5 years’ experience in security-related profession with logistics operations
  • Experience in implementation of security projects/programs in allocated AOR.
  • Extensive and up to date knowledge of logistics security operations, standards and technology.
  • Experience in managing or coordinating security investigations of complex nature.
  • Knowledge of information security processes and systems.
  • Experience in security auditing.

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