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About Company

Assystem STUP is a full service design, engineering and project delivery consultancy, that was created following Assystem’s June 2021 acquisition of Stup Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Assystem Stup offers services in the sectors of: transportation – roads, highways and expressways, airports and aviation, metros & railways, offshore and coastal engineering, territorial and urban development – Smart cities, environmental engineering, water & agriculture development, Industrial complex buildings – architecture, defence, industry, health and hospitals, nuclear power, hydrogen and renewables, grid, and power engineering. Assystem STUP offers comprehensive, single umbrella solutions to technically challenging projects within highly regulated industries. Its clients include local and national governments, international financing institutions, private sector owners, contractors and public sector institutions. Assystem STUP provides optimized and innovative state-of-the-art solutions to ensure the success of its clients’ industrial projects: studies and planning, surveys and investigations, design and construction engineering, and project management.


Dwarka (India)


The candidate will be responsible for handling the legal matters of STUP Consultants Pvt Ltd. (“Company”) She/he will ensure that organizational legal matters are managed properly, economically and efficiently and will be accountable for proper advice and guidance to all concerned branch heads. She/he shall assist in ensuring legal compliance and risk management/mitigation relating to the organization and the services provided by the organization.

The candidate will be reporting to the Head – Legal.

Role and Key Responsibilities:

The key responsibilities are but not limited to, as follows:

  • Vetting and advisory on tenders and bidding documents including request for proposals issued for various infrastructure projects, by government bodies and private companies.
  • Drafting and vetting of contracts and agreements such as joint venture agreements, consortium agreements, memorandum of understanding, leave and license agreements, non-disclosure agreements, settlement agreements, etc.
  • Drafting and vetting of various types of contracts entered into or to be entered into with various private companies, government companies and statutory bodies.
  • Preparing detailed notes for internal use and for clients, on extant as well as potential legal and contractual issues.
  • Drafting of various applications, petitions, statutory notices, claims, counter claims, rejoinders, written statements, evidence affidavits, reply to legal notices, criminal complaints, RTI applications, etc.
  • Representing the Company in various types of contractual matters and civil matters including but not limited to summary suits, writ petitions, insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings, and other matters pertaining to recovery of dues across various courts of law and tribunals.
  • Strategizing with Head – Legal and the Company management relevant aspects of subsisting litigations.
  • Briefing and coordinating with various law firms and independent legal practitioners regarding all the disputes involving the Company.
  • Drafting and vetting of power of attorneys, and correspondence to be sent to government and non-government clients regarding disputes, show cause notices, contractual misinterpretation, legal notices etc.
  • Visiting competent authorities for documentation, following-up and keeping a record of same.
  • Research oriented analysis on laws applicable to the Company and keeping abreast with any amendments thereof.
  • Analyzing risks regarding the insurances polices.
  • If required, training project managers and other project participants on various applicable laws, compliances and contractual issues.
  • Monitoring compliance of the Company with extant and applicable laws, and ASSYSTEM group compliance regulations.

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law (LL.B.) from a reputed university or college.
  • Experience in the infrastructure sector.
  • Previous qualified experience of 3-5 years. Experience at a reputed law firm is preferred.
  • Ability to prioritize and manage a varied and fast-moving workload.
  • Team player/adaptable to both integrate with the operational team and to interact with other in-house lawyers in the Company and ASSYSTEM Group’s Legal team.
  • Excellent communication skills – encourages an open environment where information and ideas are shared, and innovative thinking is stimulated.

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