Legal Job opening : Lead Assessor at ELEVATE Global

About Company

ELEVATE is the leading business risk and sustainability solutions provider. We deliver improved organizational performance through sustainability and supply chain assessment, consulting, program management and analytics. ELEVATE is headquartered in Hong Kong, and the company’s 560 employees work across 110 countries.

Job overview at a glance

  • The role of a Lead assessor is to critically assess the environmental, health & safety, and labor conditions for workers in manufacturing settings across industries. Expected to lead an audit team and delegate tasks to team assessors for reaching an audit conclusion; other essential duties are outlined in the following section.
  • Lead assessor is expected to meet Key Performance Targets related to report turnaround time and report quality.

Essential Duties

  • Adhere to all company policies relating to integrity and confidentiality of information.
  • Undertake social compliance assessments based on ELEVATE social compliance assessment procedures and specific client expectations outlined in Field Instruction (FI);
  • Lead an audit team and delegate task to team auditors for reaching an audit conclusion;
  • Deliver quality report according to ELEVATE and client protocols and timelines;
  • Deep understanding of ELEVATE social compliance assessment procedures, local labor laws, management systems audit expectations;
  • Manage the assessment process, lead the assessment team (on site) to reach the conclusions and prepare and complete the report, represent the team in communications with the individual(s) managing the assessment program, the assessment client and the auditee.
  • Support on new auditor onsite training and calibration;
  • Other assignments as needed.


  • Education and work experience: Graduate and above with specialization in labor law, HR and or social works. The individual should have incurred enough work experience to fulfill all of the expectations for ELEVATE auditors.
  • Legal and industry knowledge: The individual will have detailed knowledge of international, national and local laws and standards that apply to labor compliance. The individual will also possess awareness of prevalent issues in the region that require sensitivity, or further investigation.
  • Auditing knowledge: The individual will have the ability to competently undertake processes specific to supplier compliance assessments, including but not limited to conducting sensitive and confidential worker interviews, reviewing worker records, and performing wage tests and calculations.
  • Local language and cultural awareness: The individual should be a fluent speaker and reader of the language(s) used by managers, administrators and workers of the site being assessed. (Under circumstances where the individual’s skills are limited, the individual will communicate effectively through an interpreter.) The individual must also be familiar with the applicable culture(s) and customs.
  • English proficiency: The individual will have good written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • Integrity: We expect integrity, good attitude and maturity
  • Undergo ELEVATE Auditor Screening: prior to hire.
  • 2+ years auditing experiences;
  • 3+ years working experience;
  • Over 100+ social assessments.
  • Certified by APSCA as a RA Assessor
  • Certified at least ONE of the industry initiatives: ICTI, amfori BSCI, RBA, HIGG.
  • Ability to deal with extensive and frequent traveling with superior time management

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