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About Company

Our planet is going through a fundamental shift away from fossil fuels. ION Energy’s mission is to accelerate this shift by building cutting-edge energy storage products and services. Founded by a team of Ph.D. Engineers from Stanford, Penn State and IIT with decades of experience in advanced electronics and battery systems, our groundbreaking patented technology acts as the core of high-performance applications like Electric Vehicles, Telecom Towers, Datacenters & More.

Roles and Responsibilities:
Secretarial aspects:

  • Manage entire secretarial activities including convening and attending the Board Meetings, General Meetings and other committee meetings.
  • Ensure overall Corporate governance and complete pre and post board meeting processes and documentation including regulatory filings, website updation, timely intimations to stock exchanges, RBI, on case basis etc.
  • Analysis, drafting and implementation of various policies/codes and ensuring corporate governance as per extant statutory laws and business exigency.
  • Analysis of all master directions/circulars issued under FEMA / Regulators and prepare robust compliance checklist to ensure on compliance aspects.
  • Intense research on new legal and regulatory aspects and keep track of industry practices and keeping abreast, analyse and ensure compliances of the Companies Act, 2013 and Rules thereunder, Secretarial Standards, SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015, FEMA and any other relevant rules & regulations specific to EV sector, etc.
  • Handle work related to Insider Trading and ensuring compliances of the code of insider trading regulation of the Company.
  • Handle and assist in all M&A related activities which include Board meetings, Shareholder meetings, liaison and seeking approvals from all regulatory and statutory authorities, RoC inspection, handling queries relating to merger, ensuring all the activities and compliance relating to M&A related activities of the company are completed as per the timelines.
  • Handle various audit requirements from Statutory Auditor, Secretarial Auditor, tax Audit, Internal Audit, Regulatory inspections related to Secretarial aspects as well as Board / Committee matters.
  • Liaise with various regulatory and government bodies for approval updates and adhoc requests/query.
  • Liaise and build relations with the Registrar of Companies, Stock Exchanges, Depositories, and other statutory authorities.
  • Introduce Compliance Software for ensuring all compliance are tracked and reported

Legal aspects:

  • Draft policies and negotiate on various agreements and legal documents (domestic as well as international contracts) including but not limited to Business Contracts & Agreements, Procurement Contracts, Service Provider Agreements, Tender reviews, Cross border contracts, Indemnity agreements. .
  • Assist on M&A related documents including SPAs, Indemnity agreements, Assignment deeds etc, JV Agreements, MOUs, etc.
  • Provide Legal advisory and research and implement the same in the company
  • Reply to Legal Notices
  • Manage Contractual Disputes and Claims
  • Manage International and Domestic Claims And Litigations And Arbitrations
  • Independently manage and file IPRs / Patents etc of the Company


Leadership skills:

  • Supervising & reporting thru Presentation before the Management
  • Manage relationships with professional consultants, law firms, business teams and other stakeholders
  • Qualified Company Secretary, and LLB

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