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We are a group of socially conscious tech innovators that share the same mission to transform the government space by finding smart solutions for big challenges. Our aim is to work on problems that affect at least a million lives through the government. Be it: building the country’s finest Financial Management and Information System, or our work in traffic management and analytics, or building products in land survey to help pave the way for conclusive titleship; we are always striving to create the next breakthrough in government systems through powerful and transformative technology products.

Job Description:

  • He/she will be a member of the land due diligence and compliance team.
  • He/she will have to engage in extensive research in all land related laws of Andhra Pradesh. He/she should examine and verify appropriate land records, registered deeds and survey documents.
  • He/she shall undertake a detailed and thorough title search to prepare the relevant title flow and title report.

Minimum qualification:

  • Bachelors of Law.
  • 2-3 years experience in real estate and lands laws in Andhra Pradesh/ Telangana.
  • Previous work experience in a law firm or under individual practitioners engaged in real estate, title search and land laws in Andhra Pradesh/ Telangana.
  • Expert knowledge in land title search, drafting title reports and creating title flow.
  • Well versed with classification of different lands in Andhra Pradesh/Telangana and proficient in verifying corresponding land records.
  • Extensive experience and strong skills in research and due diligence.
  • Proficient in reading and writing Telugu.

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