Legal Job Opening: Legal Associate (litigation) at Pioneer Legal, Mumbai

We are looking for Legal Associate with experience in civil and commercial litigation and arbitration.

Job Description:

Appearing in High Courts, City Civil Courts, NCLT and other courts, tribunals, forums etc.

Drafting plaints, petitions, written statements, writs, applications, appeals, affidavits, notices, etc.

Briefing counsels/senior counsels;

Client handling- attending meetings with clients and teleconferences;

Dispute advisory

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About the Company:

A group of successful lawyers with unparalleled expertise in their field, a strong portfolio of clients, great colleagues to fall back on and a body of work to be proud of, decided to leave their comfort zone, start a new law firm with a difference and embark on a new journey.


Stemming from the background of an intense client-centric approach, we have been striving to further improve ways to exceed client expectations. This, we believe, can be reliably achieved by highly skilled personnel who are professionally fulfilled with a high emotional quotient and above all, are happy. All the expertise, prestige and fortune, intoxicating as it may be, doesn’t guarantee happiness. W.P Kinsella, a famous Canadian novelist once said, “Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get”. To that end, Pioneer Legal has been established with the objective of pursuing happiness and a high emotional quotient for each individual, be it a client, lawyer, or anyone else we work with, or is working with us. “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care”, words of wisdom which we hold dear, from former president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt.

Needless to say, happiness and emotional quotients are backed by industry leading expertise and an approach of finding commercially viable solutions to problems. Our Lawyers are amongst the best in their respective fields at every level and are provided with an alluring, yet challenging environment to hone their skills and pursue opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

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