Legal Job Opening: Legal Executive at Janardan Resorts, Lucknow

Established in 2010, Janardan Resort is owned and operated by Janardan Farms and Resorts and is looking to hire a Legal Executive for their Lucknow Office.

Job Summary:

Drafts contracts, briefs, notices, memoranda, circulars, correspondence, orders, reports, and other legal forms.

Excellent drafting skills of Civil Suit, Contracts, Notice and Deeds.

Handling of recovery case & Litigations.

Appearing in the court & coordinating.

Prepares routine letters (i.e. demand or inquiry) to delinquent parties.

Conducts preliminary study of cases submitted to the staff arising from infractions of the law, makes preliminary decisions about actions to be taken and prepares drafts for submission to superior;

Checks documents or papers for compliance and correctness

Conducts legal research and preliminary investigation (trial type) on administrative cases;

Provides legal advisory and counseling on other official matters;

Maintaining liaison with Councils and Law firms

Perform other functions that may be assigned by the supervisor from time to time.

He should have knowledge of normal computer working (Typing Hindi/English) & could maintain MIS.

Who is able to draft Agreement/Complaint/ Notices/ FIR etc.

Willing to travel as per the requirements of legal matters

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About the Company:

Established in 2010, Janardan Resort is owned and operated by Janardan Farms and Resorts. We strive to be the best provider of lodging in the area around Nainital. We are also working on promoting eco-tourism as we believe that eventually, that is where the whole natural tourism sector will head towards. Eco-tourism is the tourism of visiting an ecosystem in such a way as to leave a minimal impact on the environment. This helps conserve the natural ecosystem for our future generations so that they too could enjoy the calmness of nature as we are now. This is what has given us the strive to install solar panels over the roofs which power Janardan Resort.

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