Legal Job Opening: Legal Officer VEE THREE Informatics

Vee Three Basically Deal with:

Software development arm

R&D facilities

Teams in China and India collaborate and exchange technical and other inputs

Create quality products

Testing at several stages to deliver the ultimate customer experience

And is looking to hire a Legal Officer.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Drafting of various Contracts & Agreements.

Should be able to attend and pursue court matters and liaison with Legal Counsels, Govt.

Draft, revise, improve, and negotiate commercial contracts such as Service agreement, MoU, NDA, PoA, MoE, LoI, Agreement of Sale, Conveyance Deed, Development Agreement, Leave and License, Lease Deed, Declaration Cum Confirmations, Indenture of Mortgage, etc.

Due Diligence, Pre-closing, Closing and Post-closing Compliances.

Create, update, and distribute standard contracts and related documentation in accordance with departmental policies and procedures, monitor and track contract flow volume.

Agencies like Revenue, Land Acquisition, Local Authorities, Police etc.

Drafting and Vetting of Agreement (Rent Agreement, Lease Deed, Consignee Agreement), Special Power Of Attorney, General Power of Attorney.

To apply for this legal job, send your CV along with a cover letter to

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