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About Company

Caspian invests equity and debt capital in socially responsible, multiple bottom line businesses delivering financial and social value. Caspian has set up four funds till date: Bellwether Microfinance Fund, India Financial Inclusion Fund, Caspian Impact Investments, Caspian SME Impact Fund.

Job Purpose/ Description

We are looking for a Manager – Legal responsible for overseeing all legal matters within the organisation and protecting the organisation’s interests in legal matters. She also ensures that the department adopts innovative and technological solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency while maintaining compliance with legal requirements. She ensures that we can continue to have our edge in being able to offer innovative debt products like venture debt, quasi-equity, structured debt products in addition to plain vanilla term and working capital loans.

Duties and Responsibilities

Manager – Legal is responsible for corporate legal, legal operation and debt resolution functions. She will have a team and outsourced legal firms to execute the duties.

Corporate Legal Activities:

  • Determine the strategies for internal and external legal advisory approaches and the scope of legal advice offered to stakeholders
  • Providing general legal and operational support to the organization for
  • Ensuring compliance with the RBI Regulations;
  • Carrying out data updates on various regulatory platforms (Eg: CRILC, CKYC, NESL etc)
  • Validating loan structures and regulatory compliance.
  • Support the ongoing monitoring, operational, and legal functions of the investment team on legal matters.
  • Filing and compliance for legal matters.
  • Keeping the management updated with recent developments on legal procedures as directed by regulators and courts
  • Drive legal technology and innovation adoption within the organization
  • Oversee the selection of, payments to and relationships with external counsels
  • Conduct ongoing assessments on external counsels performance and alignment on external counsel’s understanding to execution strategies
  • Facilitate decision making for litigation and/or investigation activities based on defined legal strategies and available data                 

Lending legal operations and processing legal documents:

  • Drafting and improving loan agreement template.
  • Drafting and vetting of all legal contracts for the company.
  • Supporting execution of new loan agreements, as well as amendments to existing loan agreements and corresponding administration, Issuance of NOC, NDAs, waivers, and other agreements;
  • Liaising with Investment Managers, Risk Managers and Loan Operations Teams develop and process new deal structures and also implement amendments/waivers and other supplemental deal documents post-disbursement;
  • Handling of legal documentation negotiation on legal clauses and execution of documents with the borrowers and lenders
  • Reviewing all types of legal agreements that are required for various purposes.
  • Ensuring correctness of data in the Loan Management System
  • Responsible for document safekeeping with the help of partners.

Debt Resolution:

  • Identifying and liaising with appropriate service providers for carrying out Debt Resolution for Caspian Debt.
  • Representing Caspian Debt in legal matters related to debt resolution
  • Handling correspondence with external parties, lenders, coordination of legal requests;
  • Liaising with the internal departments as well as borrowers, notaries, external counsel, service providers, etc.
  • Supporting the ongoing monitoring, operational, and legal functions of the investment team.
  • Drafting, reviewing, releasing  of legal notices for debt resolution
  • Maintaining and updating an MIS with the status of debt resolution


Qualifications that are necessary for someone to be considered for the position.

Experience: A minimum of 6-8years of experience in the legal department of an NBFC, or a bank or debt fund. Should have experience in contract drafting and vetting. Preference will be given to those who have worked in venture debt, structured debt products, securitization, debentures, subordinated debt for corporate lending or corporate SME lending or venture debt verticals of banks, NBFC and funds.

  • Education: LLB or equivalent
  • Specialized knowledge /Skills: NBFC / Bank/AIF
  • Professional Certification/Training on Securities  

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