Legal Job opening : Senior Manager – Legal at Daimler India Commercial Vehicles

About Company

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daimler Truck AG, and a full-fledged commercial vehicle player with a brand dedicated to its home market of India: BharatBenz. A unique combination of Indian engineering with German DNA, tailored to local customer requirements, BharatBenz delivers on total-cost-of ownership, safety, reliability and comfort. DICV produces and sells in India above 9 to 55 tonne trucks and, under its bus division, BharatBenz buses for school, staff and tourists segments.


A) Contract Management

  • Drafting/Vetting of Contracts; negotiations and finalization of contracts; Structured Contracts; Contracts for Projects of the Company and new business models.
  • Structure contracts for critical projects and new business ventures;
  • Create contract landscape and alignment with critical stakeholders for finalization
  • Keep abreast on critical legal clauses in the contract viz. Arbitration, Jurisdiction, Liability, Indemnity etc. and advise business accordingly.
  • Risk evaluation of contracts and advise on mitigating measures
  • Drafting of Distributor Agreement, Supply Agreement, Technology License Agreement, Trademark License Agreement, Contract templates for various procurement activities, Employment Agreement/HR contracts etc.

B) Litigation Management

  • Handling litigations (Civil, Criminal, Consumer, Arbitration, Antitrust)
  • Handling Litigation filed against the Company viz. Civil, Criminal, Arbitration, Consumer
  • Evaluate legal claims and strategize handling of litigation.
  • Identify and evaluate lawyers for engaging them for handling litigations.
  • Draft/Vet written statements, counters, rejoinders etc.
  • Legal research and advise lawyers on the legal precedents.
  • Close follow-up with lawyers till risks in the litigations are adequately mitigated

C) Legal Advisory

  • Advisory to business; risk analysis and risk mitigating measures; In-depth analysis of facts prior to providing legal opinions
  • Legal evaluation and opinions to business functions on various topics.
  • Tendering flawless legal advices considering the risk exposure to the Organization.
  • Advices on proactive and mitigating measures to be adhered to.
  • Evaluate high critical topics and suitably approach external law firms for legal advices.
  • Extensive research on various legal topics such as antitrust laws, arbitration laws, civil laws, labour laws and IP laws.

D) Antitrust compliances

  • Initiate proactive measures to sensitize business on Antitrust violations
  • Review contracts from Antitrust perspective and provide advisory to business on Do’s and Don’ts
  • Implementation of identified legal projects to support business.
  • Create processes and standards for various legal activities in the Organization
  • Training to employees on Antitrust and other critical legal issues periodically.
  • Implementation of Corporate legal guidelines and policies in the organization.
  • Adhere to various HQ driven projects such as Contract Review, Data Protection, Antitrust etc

E) Intellectual Property Rights Management – Trademarks, Patents, Designs and Copyrigh

  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights viz. trademark, designs, patents and copyright
  • Coordination with Head Quarters for protection of IP.
  • Create local policies/guidelines on IPR protection.
  • Initiate action against third parties for infringement of IP Rights.
  • Train employees and business functions on protection of IP Rights

F) Implementation of HQ Corporate Guidelines

G) Other Assignments:

  • Review of contracts and templates at regular intervals in line with changes in law/regulations;
  • Evaluate upcoming/new laws in the Country and advice on various compliances and impact to the Organization;
  • Regular meetings and discussions with external lawyers/law firms on changes in law, judicial precedents, review of pending litigations.


Bachelors or Master’s Degree in Law; Working experience in a OEM or a Manufacturing organization will be an added advantage

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