Join us for this free online webinar with Syed Tamjeed Ahmad, at 11.00 AM on 21 May 2020. The topic for this session is Scope and Career Opportunities in Aviation Law. Young Lawyer and Law Students who wish to pursue a career in Aviation Law will find this session useful.

About the Speaker:

Mr. Ahmad is a graduate of the Advanced LL.M. in Air and Space Law from Leiden University. He worked as a Government Affairs Trainee with Boeing International Corporation at Boeingโ€™s European Regulatory Affairs Team before completing his thesis on aircraft repossession in India. On his joining Sarin & Co., Mr. Ahmad was instrumental in successfully representing an Irish lessor in the hotly contested repossession of 2x Airbus EC130 helicopters from a defaulting Indian lessee.

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1. What is Aviation Law?
2. What are Important Aspects of Practicing Aviation Law?
3. How to Specialize as Aviation Law Practitioner?
4. Career Opportunities for Law Students and Young Lawyers?

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All the Participants attending this webinar will get a Certificate of Participation (free of cost). More details regarding this will be shared at the end of the webinar.


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19 May, 2020

3 responses on "Scope and Career Opportunities in Aviation Law [Webinar]; May 21 2020, 11 AM to 12 PM"

  1. Thank you for the excellent, clear and clinically oriented presentation. Again thank you for the great webinar and it was extremely helpful, as always, and you are such a wonderful speaker and person with great experience in the field of aviation law and it’s practice. Excellent webinar.

  2. Excellent speaker. Very practical suggestions that can be quickly incorporated into daily practice.

  3. can i watch this webinar?

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