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Strategies to Kickstart your Judiciary Preparation during Law School

31 July 2022 – 7 PM Onwards

Webinar Highlights

Why Judiciary Exams?

Understand the importance and the idea of Judicial Services Exams and what it takes to clear Judiciary Exams.


Learn how to start your Judiciary Exam Preparation while pursuing law.

Balancing LLB & Judiciary Prep

Learn important tips to optimise your preparation while managing law school subjects and assignments.


Is coaching necessary to clear the exam? Get an answer to the most asked question by our Faculty.

Meet Your Mentor

Sudhar Pandey

Sudhar Sir is Learning Manager for Judiciary Classes at RostrumLegal. He teacher several minor and major subjects for different Judiciary Services Exams.

He has more than 4 years of experience in mentoring students to successfully crack Judiciary Exams in different states. His way of teaching is always loved and appreciated by students.

This Webinar is a Must-Attend for any law student or lawyer who wants to become a judge... Reserve your seat now!

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