Volunteering Opportunity:  Research Associate at World Justice Network (2 Positions Per State)

Volunteering Opportunity: Research Associate at World Justice Network (2 Positions Per State)

At World Justice Network Society, we are passionate to help people. Our purpose is to make access to justice “easier” by making full use of technology, wherever possible, however possibly we can.

In order to propel our various programs for Republic of India, World Justice Network Society (WJNS) is inviting applications from law students/interns from various states and territories of India to apply for internship opportunities.

Your role:

Collect data and public records via Right to Information ( RTI ) or Access to Information ( ATI ) acts of various jurisdictions such as:

  1. national/federal, provincial/state, district, city level government bodies (ministries, departments, commissions)
  2. government funded bodies such as Commissions, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs etc).

Typical duties of this role will be to:

  1. Draft RTI Applications
    1. Get approved by management before submission
    2. Scan and upload the fully prepared RTI Application into our system
  2. Submit to appropriate via Registered AD
    1. Receive the acknowledgement scanned and uploaded into our system
  3. Follow up on responses at appropriate times
  4. Receive responses
    1. Analyze the response for fit to purpose, reasonableness, completeness, deviations etc.
    2. Scan and upload responses into our system
  5. Escalate to the Higher Authorities (appeals) in case of lapses in RTI process.
    1. Draft public communication press releases in case of lapses
  6. Analyze responses, make use of the responses and devise further strategies in conjunction with the team.

Ideal skillsets:

  • Very good interpersonal skills
  • Very good analytical, writing and organizational skills
  • Ability to perform in a cross-functional team approach and job responsibilities
  • Ability to work in an international environment
  • Ability to think out of the box and propose creative solutions
  • Advanced formatting skills in MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint, Publisher
  • Working knowledge of Google Suite is an asset

This role is eligible for certificate of participation, with details of services rendered and hours of service etc.

To apply for this position visit: https://www.justicenetwork.ca/job/research-associate/

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