Your area of expertise while choosing for your choice of interest was not defined and you landed up with your immediate reflex action in field of environmental law, arbitration, human rights, public policy, constitutionalism, criminal law, international trade law, corporate law or any other subject of your choice. Now you might be thinking about the prospect of the same and which is the appropriate body to deal with your choice. The answer to the same is the WTO i.e. World Trade Organization.

WTO is at the centre of ongoing debates concerning both fragmentation of public international law and persistent inequities between developed and developing countries. The jurisdiction of WTO is at its peek and it takes care of some of the largest and most significant matters around the world and in their settlement of Dispute through Arbitration. To have the sophisticated understanding of the WTO and its dispute settlement system, including a detailed analysis of the fundamental principles and jurisprudence of WTO law. The WTO agreements cover goods, services and intellectual property. They spell out the principles of liberalization, and the permitted exceptions. They include individual countries’ commitments to lower customs tariffs and other trade barriers, and to open and keep open services markets. They set procedures for settling disputes. These agreements are not static; they are renegotiated from time to time and new agreements can be added to the package. The WTO’s agreements permit members to take measures to protect not only the environment but also public health, animal health and plant health. Hence your choice of your specialization will help you in working closely with the body.

This course on WTO & Dispute Settlement will not only deal with the evolution of the body but also how does each wing of WTO works, and what are the mechanism by which the disputes are settles internationally. The course will also help you in understanding the major trade barriers and the agreements which are signed by the countries and how does the negotiations are made to settle the dispute if arisen out of any breach or provisions of the contracts.

International Trade means the contracts between two parties where one party sells a product and the second purchases. The world economy because of the international trade and it involves the technology, people, money, knowledge, and intellectual property. The dispute can arise because of any of the violations in any of the series and the body to settle the Dispute is WTO. Hence their lies a great prospect in having the knowledge of the working procedure of the WTO & Dispute Settlement on which this course deals with.


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Course Duration: 01 Year

Mode of Study: Online

Number of Modules: Eight

Mode of Assessment: Online Test

Type of Questions: Objective

Duration of Test: 1 Hour

Passing Criteria: Score 50% Marks

Course Certificate: Online/PDF

High achieving students in this course will be recognised as Certified Honors Student. The honours badge will be issued to students scoring more than 80 percent in the online test.


Course Curriculum

Section I
Introduction to WTO and WTO Dispute Settlement 02:00:00
Development of WTO Dispute Settlement System: How it came into play? 02:00:00
The Bodies Involved in WTO Dispute Settlement System 02:00:00
The Jurisprudence Behind Legal Disputes 02:00:00
WTO Dispute Settlement: The Process 00:00:00
Participation in WTO Dispute Settlement System 00:00:00
Evolution and Development of WTO Dispute Settlement System 00:00:00
Section II