How to Analyse and Study Judgments for CLAT PG 2025?​

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About the Webinar

Join us for an enlightening webinar on “How to Analyze and Study Judgments for CLAT PG 2025,” led by the esteemed Varun Sir, on 25th February 2024. This session is specifically designed for CLAT PG aspirants who aim to deepen their understanding of legal judgments, a critical component of the exam. Varun Sir, with over five years of experience mentoring CLAT PG candidates, will guide you through the essentials of identifying relevant judgments, dissecting their contents, and effectively analyzing them to enrich your legal comprehension and exam preparedness.

In this webinar, you’ll gain invaluable insights into the art of judgment analysis, including practical strategies for locating judgments, understanding what to extract from them, and the best practices for note-making. With Varun Sir’s impressive track record of teaching over 1000 judgments in the past two years, this session promises to equip you with the skills to navigate through complex legal texts and transform them into tangible knowledge, setting a solid foundation for your CLAT PG 2025 preparation.

What will you learn?

  1. Finding Relevant Judgments: Strategies to identify key judgments that are crucial for the CLAT PG exam.
  2. Dissecting a Judgment: What to look for in a judgment, including ratio decidendi, obiter dicta, and key legal principles.
  3. Analytical Techniques: How to critically analyze judgments for a deeper understanding of legal concepts.
  4. Note-Making Strategies: Effective methods for creating concise and informative notes from complex judgments.
  5. Varun Sir’s Insights: Leverage Varun Sir’s extensive experience in mentoring and his unique approach to teaching judgments.

Meet your Mentor

RostrumLegal Varun Sir

Anurag Parihar is a visionary in the field of legal education, embodying the bridge between traditional legal studies and the dynamic world of edtech. With an illustrious career that spans various facets of the legal and educational sectors, Anurag has dedicated himself to revolutionizing how legal education is perceived and delivered in India.

As the founder of RostrumLegal, Anurag has been at the forefront of providing innovative, technology-driven solutions for law students and professionals aiming to excel in their careers. His academic credentials, including advanced legal qualifications and an in-depth understanding of the legal system, have established him as a leading authority in legal education.

Anurag’s approach to teaching and curriculum development is rooted in practicality and relevance, ensuring that students not only learn but also apply their knowledge effectively. His expertise in preparing students for competitive exams like CLAT PG is unmatched, with a track record of guiding numerous aspirants to achieve top ranks.

Beyond his contributions to legal education, Anurag is also recognized for his strategic leadership in edtech, where he leverages the latest technologies to make learning accessible and engaging for students across the country. His vision for RostrumLegal is not just to educate but to empower students to become future leaders in the legal field.

Anurag Parihar’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and student success has made him a respected figure among students, educators, and legal professionals alike. His work continues to inspire a new generation of learners, shaping the future of legal education in India and beyond.

Student Testimonials

Best coaching for preparation of CLAT PG as material is latest exam oriented along with recent judgments and doubt of each student is entertained in class then and there also provides whatsapp group to connect with teachers to clear further doubts. The way of teaching is commendable specially Umang sir teaches monotonous subject like Jurisprudence in such a way that you will not forget it and will never say it boring. Thank you rostrum legal for your guidance it helped me a lot in clearing my basics of law.
RostrumLegal's CLAT PG program exceeded my expectations. Expert faculty and comprehensive materials make it a winner.
RostrumLegal's CLAT PG coaching is simply outstanding!
ROSTRUM LEGAL as the name itself suggest 'a place that somebody stands on' is true to great extent.Providing excellent reading material, notes, and interactive sessions helped me in preparation of CLAT PG.Personally I feel the pioneer of this course is the daily news analysis that keeps you up to date.
The legal news provided by Varun Sir, and his visionary approach led the students to go through all the major legal news and articles, which consituted a heavy chunk in the CLAT PG 2024
The range of mock tests and detailed performance analysis helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses effectively. Truly beneficial for CLAT PG aspirants.
Excellent mock tests, very helpful for CLAT PG prep!
Rostrum Legal is one of the best coaching hubs for students who are looking to crack CLAT-PG with flying colours. The guidance given, mock tests provided, the test series are all destined to help students improve their performance and excel in the final exams.
To be honest RL is currently the most affordable and content oriented CLAT PG online coaching in this arena. Their contents and subject matters are examination oriented and specific. The teachers are student friendly and always ready to help as and when required so. They also provide quality free contents on youtube without compromising with the quality. Thank You!
Enrolling in RostrumLegal's CLAT PG coaching was the best decision for my preparation. Their personalized guidance, expert teaching, detailed study materials, and supportive environment all contribute to an unmatched learning experience.
Impressive CLAT PG coaching! The study materials and practice tests are top-notch.
Highly recommended online coaching for CLAT PG! I was enrolled in their Capsule Course which included recorded sessions on all subjects, detailed notes, judgment summaries, several mocks/PYQs and even subject specific MCQ tests for practice. Also, their Daily Legal News Analysis was really helpful in being updated with the recent legal developments. Their Support Team was always there to resolve any doubt or provide us with any customised assistance for our preparation. A big thanks to the entire team.
Quite knowledgeable and interactive sessions are conducted throughout the CLAT PG preparation series. Best online classes for CLAT PG preparation.
Rostrum legal has a good faculty base especially and a supportive administrative staff. Do check out their youtube page for an overview on their CLAT Pg and judiciary prowess.
RostrumLegal offers exceptional CLAT PG coaching. Their tailored approach, expert faculty, and extensive resources are incredibly beneficial.
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