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Editorial Note [Vol. VI Issue I]

This Special issue on “Cyber Technology, Cyber Crimes and Cyber laws” of Rostrum’s Law Journal is a peer-reviewed publication of a collection of articles on the domain. The issue is an integration of the research and domain knowledge of experts working in the field in the country including the law enforcement agency, legal practice, and legal academics. The primary aim of this edition has been to analyze vital issues pertaining to Indian cyber laws and with specific reference to selected concerns pertaining to cyber laws and cyber-crime regulation. These issues have been elaborately discussed from a legal perspective by the authors with a focus also on technical aspects wherever essential.

Articles in this journal deliver a comprehensive analysis of the issues of vital significance such as electronic evidence and cyberspace jurisdiction. They explicate in detail certain basic concepts, principles, and related legal aspects of Cyber Technology, Cyber Crimes and Cyber Laws along with certain contemporary issues as well, including cloud regulation and consumer data privacy. To make these analyses, technical developments from a legal perspective have been mapped so as to give a better and more meaningful understanding of this techno-legal domain.

Dr. Atul Kumar Pandey, the Co-Guest-Editor of this issue has made an immense contribution to give final contour to this Peer-reviewed Special Issue of the Journal.  Each author has bought in both theoretical as well as pragmatic concerns in relation to their specific topics in their contributions.

I express deep gratitude to each of the authors for adding significance to this issue with their valuable contribution. I also express my heartfelt gratitude to Shri Aounkar Anand, Founder & COO, RostrumLegal and Dr. Debasis Poddar from the Editorial team of the journal for giving us this valuable opportunity and guiding us throughout the process.

Dr. Nagarathna. A.
Guest Editor

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