Rostrum’s Law Review | ISSN: 2321-3787

Editorial Note [Vol. VI Issue II]

The Bi- annual journal of Rostrum’s Law Review volume VI Issue 2 offers exciting collection of papers which pricks reader to diversity of themes. The ‘Role of trial court judges to deal with hostile witnesses in the light of directives of the Supreme Court’ displays the throes of transition in the Indian criminal justice system, adversarial process and inquisitorial mechanism. It delves deep in to the ‘Conflicting Constitutional Moralities’ in shaping written constitutions that are based on the consent of the people. Alongside it examines the doctrine of ‘basic structure’ enunciated in the Keshvananda Bharti v. State of Kerela in 1973. After 47 years of the Supreme Court pronouncement, it takes stock taking exercise of in the Constitution of India and Constitution of Germany in comparative constitutionalism. The paper also contextualizes Professor Dietrich Conrad’s genius behind the basic structure doctrine and criticism of Indian constitutional experts. The burgeoning concern of ‘trade protectionism in the times of COVID-19 pandemic’ analyzes India’s trade policy measures in the current framework governing international trade. The papers on Intellectual property rights touch on the synergy of the Indian competition law, and patent law and geographical indication in equitable framework. On the other hand ‘corporate Legal Compliance and Secretarial Audit’ examines the pragmatic nexus in the light of Companies Act, 2013. The Consumer interest in anti- dumping investigation under the regime of competition law focuses on the unfair trade practice and competition law divergences.

I hope the Rostrum’s Law Review volume VI Issue 2 will have serious engagement of legal scholars raised in eight papers of seminal significance for jurisprudential fruition. I also wish the publisher of the Journal great success and embarking on frontier researches on the likely completion of decade of quality publications.


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