Important Judgments for CLAT PG

Are you gearing up for the Common Law Admission Test Postgraduate (CLAT PG)? As a CLAT PG aspirant, you must be aware of the importance of staying informed about the most significant legal judgments. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the key judgments that every CLAT PG aspirant should know to enhance their preparation and excel in the examination.


The journey to becoming a legal expert begins with a firm foundation in the fundamentals of law. For CLAT PG aspirants, understanding landmark legal judgments is crucial. These judgments not only showcase the evolution of legal principles but also provide valuable insights for the examination. In this article, we will delve into the world of “Important Judgments for CLAT PG” and equip you with the knowledge you need to stand out in this competitive field.

The Significance of Legal Judgments

Why Are Important Judgments Vital for CLAT PG Aspirants?

Before we delve into the list of crucial judgments, let’s understand why these landmark cases are essential for CLAT PG aspirants:

  1. Foundation of Legal Understanding: Important judgments lay the foundation for legal principles. They help you grasp the core concepts of law, which is invaluable for answering questions in the CLAT PG exam.
  2. Analytical Skills Development: Studying these cases sharpens your analytical skills. You learn to dissect complex legal issues, understand the reasoning behind judgments, and form your legal arguments effectively.
  3. Relevance in Exam: Many questions in the CLAT PG exam are based on real legal scenarios and landmark judgments. By knowing these cases, you’ll be better prepared to tackle such questions. Click here to practice mocks based on the latest CLAT PG Exam patterns and Important Judgments for CLAT PG.
  4. Comprehensive Knowledge: A strong understanding of legal judgments ensures that you have a comprehensive grasp of the subject, beyond what textbooks offer.

Now that you understand why these judgments are crucial let’s dive into the list of 50 significant judgments.

List of 50 Important Judgments for CLAT PG

  1. Vivek Narayan Sharma v. Union of India
  2. Kaushal Kishore v. State of Uttar Pradesh and Others
  3. C. Cinema v. The State of Jammu and Kashmir
  4. M/s Indian Medicines Pharmaceuticals Corporation Ltd. v. Kerala Ayurvedic Co-operative Society Ltd. & Others
  5. State of Rajasthan v. Komal Lodhas
  6. Sunita Kumari v. State of Uttar Pradesh and Others
  7. BV Seshiah v. State of Telangana and Another
  8. M/S Godrej Sara Lee Limited v. The Excise and Taxation Officer-cum-Assessing Authority and Others
  9. Vibhuti Shankar Pandey v. State of Madhya Pradesh and Others
  10. M/S Gas Authority of India Limited v. M/S Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited and Others
  11. C Yamini and Others v. High Court of Andhra Pradesh at Amaravathi and Anr
  12. State of Chhattisgarh v. Aman Kumar Singh
  13. Nand Lal v. State of Chhattisgarh
  14. Rajendra Kumar Shrivas v. State of Madhya Pradesh and Others
  15. Arnab Roy v. Consortium of NLUs and Anr
  16. Mah Adiwasi Thakur Jamat Swarakshan Samiti v. State of Maharashtra and Others
  17. State Bank of India and Others v. Rajesh Agarwal and Others
  18. Central Bureau of Investigation v. Vikas Mishra
  19. The Director (Admn. and HR) KPTCL and Others v. CP Mundinamani and Others
  20. State of Maharashtra v. Renuka and Others
  21. M/s. South Indian Bank Ltd. v. Naveen Mathew Philip
  22. NN Global Mercantile Pvt Ltd v. Indo Unique Flame Ltd & Others
  23. Shilpa Sailesh v. Varun Sreenivasan
  24. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. And Others. v. M/S. Sathyanarayana Service Station & Another
  25. KB Tea Product Pvt Ltd & Another v. Commercial Tax Officer, Siliguri and Others
  26. Dil Afza v. Hamdard Foundation
  27. Animal Welfare Board of India and Others v. Union of India and Others
  28. Bar Council of India v. Rabi Sahu and Another
  29. Aish Mohammed v. State of Haryana and Others
  30. Coal India Limited and Another v. Competition Commission of India and Another
  31. Station Superintendent and Another v. Surender Bhola
  32. Ghanshyam v. Yogendra Rathi
  33. Krishna Kumar Raghuvanshi v. High Court of Madhya Pradesh at Jabalpur through Registrar General
  34. Ramesh Chand v. Management of Delhi Transport Corporation
  35. P Yuvaprakash v. State Rep by Inspector of Police
  36. State of Gujarat v. Choodamani Parmeshwaran Iyer and Another
  37. Bhim Rao Baswanth Rao Patil v. K Madan Mohan Rao and Others
  38. Bharatiya Kamgar Karmachari Mahasangh v. M/s. Jet Airways Ltd
  39. State of Karnataka Lokayukta Police v. S. Subbegowda
  40. Senthil Balaji v. The State Represented by Deputy Director and Others
  41. Salib v. State of U.P. & Others
  42. Kamal v. State (NCT of Delhi)
  43. Dev Gupta v. PEC University of Technology and Others
  44. Shiramabai v. The Captain, Record Officer for O.I.C. Records
  45. Ameena Begum v. State of Telangana and Others
  46. Harilal v. State of Chhattisgarh
  47. NHPC Ltd. v. State of Himachal Pradesh Secretary & Others
  48. Purushottam Bagh Sahkari Awas Samiti Ltd. v. Sri Shobhan Pal Singh and Another etc
  49. CBI v. RR Kishore
  50. Meena Pradhan and Others v. Kamla Pradhan and Others


As you embark on your journey to crack the CLAT PG, remember that the law is not just a subject; it’s a vast field with a rich history of legal precedents. To excel in this competitive exam, you must equip yourself with a strong foundation in legal knowledge. The list of “Important Judgments for CLAT PG” serves as a roadmap to enhancing your understanding of the law, honing your analytical skills, and ultimately achieving success in your CLAT PG endeavors.

Stay committed to your studies, explore these landmark judgments, and connect the dots between theory and real-world legal applications. By doing so, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle the challenges that the CLAT PG exam throws at you. Your journey towards becoming a legal expert begins here, with these important judgments as your guide. Good luck, CLAT PG aspirant, and may you conquer the world of law with your knowledge and determination.

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