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Publication Policy

1       Introduction

This policy sets out the terms under which you, the author (or joint author), agree to permit RostrumLegal (an entity of Alkemia Legal Education Ventures Pvt. Ltd.) (‘the Publisher’) to publish your submission.

No amendment shall be made to this policy without the express written consent from the Permanent Editorial Board.

2       Warranties and Indemnities Relating to Your Submission

You warrant that:

  • Your submission is an original work authored by you and that you wholly own (or in cases of works of joint authorship, jointly own with your other joint authors) all copyright subsisting in it;
  • No part of your submission infringes copyright;
  • If you have included subject matter in your submission not created solely by you, such subject matter is properly attributed;
  • No part of your submission has already been published elsewhere;
  • No part of your submission is under consideration for publication elsewhere, or will be submitted for publication elsewhere, until the Editors confirm in writing that the publisher does not intend to publish your submission;
  • Your submission is not defamatory; and
  • Your submission does not infringe any other rights of any third party.

You agree to indemnify the publisher and its Editors for any loss or damage arising from the breach of any of these warranties or for any other liability which may arise in connection with the publication or reproduction of your submission.

3       Assignment of Copyright in Your Submission

You agree to assign to the publisher the copyright that you own in your submission and the date of assignment is the date of notice from the publisher to you of unconditional acceptance of your submission for publication by the publisher. The ‘rights’ mentioned in this provision is governed by the Indian ‘Copyright Act,1957’.

4       Subsequent Reproduction and Communication of Your Submission by You

Upon publication of your submission by the publisher under this policy, the publisher grants to you an irrevocable, non-transferable, royalty-free non-exclusive licence throughout the world to reproduce and communicate to the public your submission in its final published form for the term of copyright subsisting in your submission, provided that:

  • You do not charge a fee for such reproductions and communications;
  • You are not paid for such reproductions and communications;
  • Such reproductions and communications include an acknowledgement (with correct citation information) that the submission was first published by the Publisher; and
  • Such reproductions and communications do not, nor are they likely to, detract from revenue-generating activities of the Publisher.

Beyond the terms of this licence the publisher may grant specific permission for exercises of copyright by you in relation to your submission, if that permission is sought by you prior to those exercises.

5       Review of Your Submission

You agree that the Editors’ decision on whether the publisher will publish your submission shall be final. You should not treat any communication from the publisher as an undertaking to publish your submission.

In addition to the Editors’ own review, your submission may be sent for review to external reviewers. Although we try to expedite this process, it may take some time before we can let you know whether or not your submission will be published by the Publisher.

The Editors will edit your submission to correct any spelling or syntax errors, to put footnotes into house style and, on occasions, to enhance expressions or to clarify meaning. You authorise the Editors to do so without seeking your prior approval. The Editors normally consult the author (or authors) before making any major changes.

6       Governing Law

This publication policy shall be governed by the relevant laws of India. Any legal dispute relating to the submission and publication of manuscripts including copyrights shall be resolved by the way of arbitration in India.

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